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Learn Guitar Online

Learn Guitar OnlineCan you learn guitar online? This has been a classic question since the introduction of internet broadband. It seems like today we don’t even think twice when we are streaming guitar lessons or even full movies, but let me tell you… it wasn’t always like that! Trust me lol I speak from experience…

I consider myself a pioneer in the online guitar lesson world. I launched http://learnguitar.net  way back in 1998, when dial-up was the only service available. Dial-up? What the heck is dial-up lol? Exactly, that’s all my guitar teachers and I had to work with for years and years. We had to compress our videos so much to stream over such slow connections that we lost so much of the videos quality and it still was slow and had to buffer.

Now anyone with a computer and high-speed internet can get the same high quality guitar lessons online that you can get with private lessons. Ok enough about all that…

Learn Guitar Online

Now on to the good stuff, learning how to play guitar online today is actually becoming more popular than traditional private one on one guitar lessons. With almost every home having a high-speed connection with Wi-Fi and unlimited bandwidth everyone is able to download and stream hordes of videos without thinking twice.

Online guitar lessons provide an excellent medium for learning how to play the guitar, even if you just now decided to learn and you are a complete beginner, or if you are looking to increase you guitar skills to the next level and beyond.  Having access to guitar lessons 24/7 is just amazing and convenient not mention extremely affordable!

So let’s talk about private one on one guitar lessons:

  1. You’ll need to find a reputable guitar instructor that has experience in the styles you want to learn how to play.
  2. You have to set up and schedule weekly lessons.
  3. If something comes up you’ll have to cancel and reschedule the lesson and sometimes have to pay a cancelation fee.
  4. Travel time and fuel expenses. Take account for the time you have to travel back and forth to your lessons and the cost of fuel. This is time that could be spent working on your assigned material from your online guitar teacher.
  5.  Personalities… So many times private instructors waste your time showing you how good they can play and a lot tend to talk about themselves instead of covering the material you want. Don’t get me wrong there are 1,000’s of amazing guitar teachers out there this is just a typical situation.
  6. Cost… Typical private guitar lessons run about $45 for 30 to 45 minutes. That is 2 times the cost of our personalized system for an entire month!

Ok so those are some thoughts on private lessons, let’s chat about online lessons and Learn Guitar’s personalized online approach:

  1. You’ll be able to choose a guitar teacher that suits your styles and musical taste. You’ll be able to work with multiple instructors, it’s nice to change it up and have a look at different points of view and teaching styles.
  2. 24/7 access from home. Anytime you feel like practicing guitar you’ll be to login and pickup where you left off last.
  3. Access to unlimited lessons, and support from your instructor. Get stuck, try the instant chat, frustrated check out the member’s community for inspiration to keep you going and share your experiences learning to help others.
  4. No travel or fuel expense.  This alone will pay for online lessons in itself.
  5. Cost… you’re looking at unlimited access, personalized guitar lesson plans, real guitar instructors, one on one support, practice tools etc…. for a monthly fee that runs about $19.95 to $29.95 – That’s for a complete month!

learn guitarNow let’s talk about the different options you have available to you online. There are 2 different types of guitar lesson sites and both are membership sites with a monthly subscription fee. 90% of these sites offer unlimited access to all their guitar lesson videos for one low monthly fee. Basically you join surf around the site to find a lesson you think you need to work on and go for it!

Problem is that you don’t know if you are doing the correct lessons for your current level and if you follow the order the video lessons are posted you are just throwing darts at the wall.

Again the lessons are 100% professional with sites like guitartricks.com – jamplay.com – guitarjamz.com etc… The problem is you aren’t able to have a custom lessons plan. You need a personalized plan to guarantee you are learning what you need to be learning as well as for your specific styles and so on.

Your time is valuable and you want to make sure you are spending it on the correct material for maximum results. Most students quit because they are blindly choosing guitar lessons and noodle around with them but really never make any progress, and then they get frustrated and completely give up. This is so easily avoidable with a Personalized Lesson Plan assigned to you by a real online guitar teacher.

guitar lessons onlineSo how do we do this? With our personalized student enrollment forms! Over the years we have developed an exclusive enrollment system that takes you 10 minutes and will save you hours of frustration and guarantee you success.

There will be more to come in the next couple of weeks explaining the re-launch of learnguitar.net, our upgraded member’s area and our new and improved enrollment system. If you want to be notified please subscribe to our newsletter.

Last but not least I thought I should comment on free lessons from sites like YouTubeVemio etc…
In my honest opinion I think these lessons are a great way to enhance your personalized material as long as you just don’t rely on them alone.

Remember you need a plan if you are serious about learning how to play guitar and you want to learn guitar online. I am actually extremely impressed by all the great teachers that devote their time and resources to post free guitar lessons for people to access for free.

I like to think of the old adage “you get what you pay for” and for such a small monthly price its almost one of those scenarios where you can’t afford not to trust in an online instructor.

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